Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Written a year ago... still true

Once you had a heart broken, you'll never love the same way you loved before.
You become prudent and know when to leave.
You don't believe in empty words.
You're just a wreck of who you used to me.


- What are you doing?
- deleting
- what?
- pictures, messages, my past...
- u know u're gonna miss all of them in a few months time?
- yeah, i know, but i can't move on with my past chasing me. Sometimes it's better to miss but go away than stay and keep getting hurt.

See you

Some people need a lot of space
Only for themselves
It doesn't mean that they don't need you
Or don't care about you
It's just who they are 
And all you can do
Is let go
When they want to be alone.


It began when I first saw him
And I really thought that it's gonna last
Different girls, i still can be the only one
Quick flirt, cute moments and it came to an end
he left to his country and i never saw him again
i still had this hope that it's gonna work out
within the next months i lost this idea
but didn't say goodbye
it was too hard when he was telling me
how much he loves me and hopes that it's gonna last

if you love me, come
if you don't, be honest
i've had enough of games
why was i telling that i'm the coach?


Life gives me so many lessons
But I learn from less than a half of them.

My October

Holy crap
How can I even
God no!
Why am I not feeling anything?
That is how I feel
I got everything what I dreamed about
And now I cannot think of my happiness
Because I'm stuck in a state where I am unable to realise what is actually happening


I grew up in perfection 
They wanted me to be just like that 
I faced the resurrection
Of my own religion made in crime

No one told me what the rules were 
So I made them up on my own 
If your boundaries a bit tighter 
They’re just culturally settled down 

Doing what I want 
Making my mistakes 
I am always me I am always free 
No one ever said what I shouldn’t do
So I’m who I am, i’ve created this all 

Daddy issues mommy problems 
Determined my look on life and you 
i can’t go out to the movies 
we can fuck till nine and then just go 

It stresses me out when I think of you 
in public places talking to me 
please don’t hold my hand 
oh just go away 
we can be there friends or strangers 
(if you don’t mind)